Terms and Conditions

In confirming your booking with Eaglehawk Holiday Park, you agree to abide by the Park’s Terms and Conditions as outlined below.


You agree:

  • to abide by the rules of the establishment.
  • to maintain accounts in credit (i.e. to not fall into arrears at any time)
  • to adhere to speed limits within the Park.
  • to allow Park staff the right of re-entry into any occupied accommodation type.
  • that regardless of your length of stay there is no tenancy or other rights created under any Landlord or Tenant laws and there are no such laws that apply to your stay. We grant you a license to stay in our rooms and you agree that we may terminate the license at any time without providing a reason.
  • that any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought in or on to the Eaglehawk Park Cabins/Cottages/Villas, grounds or car-park remain your responsibility and that the Park and/or its staff is not responsible for their safekeeping.
  • that you will not make any claim against the Park or its staff for any damage or loss to your goods or valuables, regardless of how or where the loss or damage occurred. The registered guest will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage caused by their guests or visitors during your stay.
  • to leave the room in a reasonable condition and leave furniture where you find it. You also agree to clean up any crockery and cutlery you use. Otherwise, you accept that a $100 cleaning fee will be applied to your account.
  • You agree to return the key for the Cabin/Cottage/Villa at the time of your departure and agree to pay a charge of $50 for the replacement of keys you lose or fail to return.
  • You agree that checkout time is 10.00 am on the date shown for your departure unless we agree to another time. You also agree that a late departure may incur additional room charges.
  • You agree to pay us for any loss or damage to the room or equipment in the room during the period of your booking.
  • You agree that you will not smoke or bring any illicit drugs into any type of accommodation. You also agree that you will not bring any illicit drugs into Eaglehawk Holiday Park. We may terminate your license if any of these offences occur and you accept all cleaning fees imposed as a result without notice.



You, the guest, agree to pay or have deducted from your card/account:

  • replacement costs for any Park owned items that are removed from the premises during your stay.
  • costs for any damage caused to the Eagle Hawk Holiday Park property, by the guest or anyone invited to the property by the guest. This includes all items and structures inside the Cabin /Cottages/Villas all external and communal areas on Eagle Hawk Park property.



To avoid removal or penalty fees, pet owners are urged to speak to reception or management before arrival.

There are some circumstances that pets are permitted but only after discussing with management.

In the event pets are permitted, strict rules apply:

  • You agree to take full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your pets while within the confines of the Park.
  • You also agree to pay for all claims of compensation in relation to your pets’ activities.



You, the guest, agree to pay or have deducted from your card/account:

  • any balance left outstanding on all current and previous accounts and bookings
  • costs incurred for any change in the number of persons using the room and agree to pay any additional charges for additional persons not included in the number stated at the time of registration.
  • The accommodation rate for each day of your stay and any additional charges up until the time you advise that you have departed from our facility.
  • any charge for services to you, not billed at the time of your departure, may be added to your account for settlement.
  • a charge if your check-in time requires us to keep the Cabin/Cottage/Villa empty on the previous day.
  • interim accounts when presented even if you may not have departed from our facility.
  • the total amount due on departure unless prior settlement arrangements have been accepted by us. If the settlement arrangements have not been met within 30 days of departure you agree to pay the total amount due on receipt of our invoice.



  • The number of guests gathered in the Cabin or Cottage or Villa overnight (i.e. after 10pm) must not exceed the number of persons booked.
  • Any persons exceeding this number will be considered a trespasser.
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum level at all times to avoid disruption to other guests.
  • If any noise complaints are received from the neighbouring residents and guests, you understand that you and your group may be asked to leave the premises.  The Park holds full discretion on whether accommodation tariff is to be refunded.
  • In the event any guest or visitor breaches this ‘No Party’ policy and refuses to leave the premises, you as the main registered guest accept that you hold full responsibility for that guest or visitor’s actions and damage they may cause. You also accept full responsibility for your guests and visitors in the event police are called in to address the issue.



We adhere to the National Privacy Principles relating to the collection of personal information. Information collected from you is required either to meet the requirements of State legislation regarding the maintenance of a guest register, for fire safety reasons, for billing purposes and to market our services to you. If you do not provide us with this information, we reserve the right to refuse the accommodation. We will make this information available to third parties who assist us provide services to you, where required by law or to enforce our collection of amounts owing by you. You must advise us if any details you provide are incorrect. Personal information collected during your stay will be retained for the length of time necessary to comply with taxation and accounting requirements.

You may request access to personal information we hold about you. We may recover our costs of providing this access to you. A charge will be levied if a copy of your registration form is required after your departure. Copies (other than electronic data) are generally not available after departure. We will not knowingly permit any misuse of this data. We will adhere to our Industry Association standards for use of any personal information.